Musical Youth started life in 1979, they have gone through many significant changes and even abandonment through the years. In 2005 a couple of the ‘almost’ founding members decided to give it ‘just one more try’.  Frontman Dennis Seaton and Michael Grant joined forces with the Reggae Revolution and yet another iteration of Musical Youth was born.

This DVD was made in mid 2006 at Center Stage in Minehead, England.

I do not class myself as an aficionado of the reggae genre, but what I did notice was that Musical Youth have a very different style to what we in North America are used to. I think I like it better than our version! It is much more a marriage of musical styles that we already know, rather than that dreadlocked mind incapacitating thumping beat that we hear on this side of the pond. I guess this is my big opportunity to christen a new musical style… and I name it Brit Reggae! This is a much lighter style that should appeal to a wide audience.

If you are a fan of the old Musical Youth, you will surely enjoy the new reincarnation. Most of their hit tracks are played on this DVD. The opening track being ‘Tell Me Why’, which is a delightful example of this Brit Reggae. Also included are ‘Pass the Dutchie’, ‘007’, and ‘Youth Of Today’.

Musical Youth – Live In The UK is well worth a spin, it is available in the stores, or through MVD.

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