Lena Lovich was punk before punk existed! The punk movement got started in earnest in England in the late 70’s, Lena was the obvious choice to be the shining star in amongst the thousands of garage bands belting out discordant sounds and screeching lyrics.

Lene was different, she understood music structure, theatrics, and how to create great lyrics. Live From New York At Studio 54 is exactly that, a concert recorded at that very famous New York landmark.

The 54 minute running time (which is sheer coincidence) gives the viewer a great introduction to this fine performer. Lene’s costume alone makes this a must have DVD, the nearest I can come to describing it is Bo Peep goes punk! The set list includes her biggest hits “Lucky Number” and “New Toy”. Both of which have an infectious rhythm and wild vocals. Although my favorite track on this DVD was “Joan” which features her playing the Sax. An added bonus to this concert is Thomas Dolby on synth as part of the backing band.

If you are already a fan you will certainly want this one in your collection, and if you don’t know a lot about this artist, this DVD is a great way to learn more. It is available online through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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