Lake is one of those classic rock bands, maybe they almost border on prog rock. There have been a number of these bands to emerge from Germany. Lake have a long and industrious background but went through a hiatus of over 10 years when the original frontman James Hopkins-Harrison passed away in 1991. Lake lay dormant until in 2003 original band member Alex Conti decided to try Lake one more time.
Lake now consists of Michael “Bexi” Becker (Bass, Vocals), Mickie Stickdorn (Drums), Alex Conti (Guitar, Vocals), Adrian Askew (Keyboards, Vocals), and Mike Starrs (Lead Vocals).

This is an interesting band, they are very much the classic American rock and roll group, yet they are German! All of the songs on the DVD are in English, and it is only during the brief intros to songs that you have any idea that this is not a band from somewhere in Ohio.

I like Lake, they are not pretentious as many bands are, they are just about the music, and they care. Aging the members may be, but talent just exudes from them. It is always a treat to listen to some good ole rock music.

With a running time of 120 minutes, you get a great feel for this band. It may not be quite the same without James Hopkins-Harrison, but it is great to see this venerable group up and running again. Alex Conti is without doubt the glue behind this phoenix rising from the ashes.

It is hard to pick a favourite track, but if I had to it likely would be Let’s go to China, this is rock at it’s finest and purest, no pretensions, no bull, just a great song.

You can take Lake out for a spin by getting the DVD from MVD and tell them Simon sent you!

Simon Barrett

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