This features George Jones in a live concert from Florida’s Church Street Station. I am guessing that the concert was filmed sometime in the mid 80’s during his ‘No Show Jones’ phase. For those of you that do not know much about this performer, he had a minor issue with alcohol, which resulted in him not actually appearing for a number of concerts. One account that I read claimed George dodged 50 appearances in a single year.

You have to admire someone that can turn adversity into success, and that is exactly what happened. He took the nickname and turned it into a song, the DVD opens with a very fine, and very humorous version of ‘No Show Jones’.

Many people view George Jones as being a somewhat somber if not sober performer, however I found that he actually offers up a well balanced variety of material. He Stopped Loving Her Today won CMA honors in 1980, it is a rather sad ballad that reflects on his more serious side. While The Race Is On is a fun full speed romp that showcases his lighter side.

My wife Jan is a George Jones fan and expert, and she assures me that this is a very fine concert indeed, George is on top of his game.

Making guest appearances are Johnny Rodriguez who sings a fine version of I always Get Lucky With You and Mark Gray who performs Diamond In The Dust.

This DVD packs a lot into 60 minutes, pretty much all of George Jones’ classic hits are on it. This is a must have for every George Jones fan. It has just been released, so you should be able to pick it up at your local Mega-Mart, or you can order direct from MVD.

Simon Barrett  

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