What a delightful concert. Ed Bruce and Lynn Anderson play a couple of tunes together, and several songs on their own. There are also a plethora of special guests. Considering that the running time of the DVD is just 60 minutes, there is a lot packed into this DVD.

Lynn Anderson plays her signature tune I Never Promised You A Rose Garden that catapulted her to stardom in 1971, it is a song that unless you have lived under a rock for the past 40 years have heard. It is as delightful now as it was then.  Ed Bruce does a very fine rendition of Mammas Don’t Let There Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, this song is maybe best know for the Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings duet version, but I recommend that you try Ed’s, it is worth the effort. Besides which, it was written by Ed Bruce and his ex wife Patsy Bruce.

This is a very fun DVD, and well worth the price of admission. If Ed & Lynn don’t wind your crank by themselves, there are so many special guests that there is going to be someone that catches your eye. My wife is from New Orleans and she was rocking to the rafters when My Toot Toot came on. Nothing beats some good Cajun music.

You can get your own Toot Toot from MVD, (I already have my own Toot Toot!)

Simon Barrett


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