I have to admit that one of the great surprises with being a reviewer, is the strange things that arrive in the mail. Last week I received a Fed-Ex package, and inside was a musical greeting card in the style of a CD cover that when you opened it played a Prince tune, it was advertising his sponsorship of a new perfume. I am pretty much beyond the ‘shockable’ stage. So when Celtic Feet arrived, I thought, great, another River Dance exploration. And I do like Michael Flatley, so watching a couple of hours of Irish dancing would be just fine.

Colin Dunne is a well known Irish dancer, and has worked with many luminaries of the music world., including The Chieftains, Sinead O’Conner, and the fabulous Stephane Grappelli. For this DVD he teams up with the Celtic Feet Dance Company, who produce a series of delightful and very professional vignettes.

Instead of a ‘River Dance’ adventure  Colin Dunne has produced a ‘How To’ disc. If you, or your family are interested in learning the basics if Irish dancing, Celtic Feet might be just the thing for you. You can get your own copy through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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