This is a great DVD, alas my editor rejected my first review, he claimed that 2 words was a little short. My review was ‘Buy This’. Editors are tricky to deal with sometimes. This is a great DVD, if you are a Yes fan, you already know how good this band is, if you don’t know who Yes is, I suggest that you have the lobotomy reversed.

The DVD is aptly called An Evening Of Yes Music Plus, all of the best hits are there, but there is also a great new aspect, each of the members get to showcase their solo styles.

We start with Jon Anderson who does a delightful medley of songs, ending with Owner Of A Lonely Heart. Jon has a truly unique voice, and this showcases his vocal abilities.

Steve Howe drops the familiar electric guitar in favour of an acoustic weapon, what is revealed is something that many people have never seen. The guy is an ace on the acoustic! The videographers have done a great job of capturing his skill.

Rick Wakeman comes next, and he delights us with not only his choice of material, but the keyboards he uses. Back in the 80’s a keyboard guy that had two was radical, Rick had four, in this concert he out does himself, I counted 10, but I’ll bet I missed a few. If I was asked to name the best keyboard play of the prog rock movement I would have to say Rick Wakeman, he is a truly outstanding performer.

After the solo performances we are treaded to some classic Yes. Long Distance Run Around is a Yes favourite, and when you hear it performed by the Maestros you know why. We also get to watch Bill Bruford work his wizardry on the biggest electronic drum kit I have ever seen! I swear the man has as many drum pads as Rick Wakeman has keys on a keyboard.

If you are a Yes fan this is a must have item for your library, in fact if you are just a fan of great music played by great musicians you will want this one. This DVD is outstanding!

An Evening Of Yes Music Plus is available from MVD, buy this one, you won’t regret it!

Simon Barrett

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