Al Di Meola is a hugely talented guitar player, most people put him in the Jazz box, but the more I hear his works, the less I like that label. Yes there are Jazz influences, but there is also a huge classical feel to both his playing style and compositions. When this DVD turned up in my mailbox I was surprised by the title ‘Return To Electric Guitar’, of late he has shied away from this instrument in preference of the acoustic guitar. I was intrigued, this DVD immediately went to the top of the watch list!

I was not disappointed, Al Di Meola has the skill to make wonderful music, I swear he could play world class music with only an empty cigar box with a couple of rubber bands acting as strings! In Return To Electric Guitar Al is joined by Mario Parmisand (keyboards), Gumbi Ortiz (Percussion), Joel Taylor (Drums), and Mike Pope (Bass). The set is an interesting mix of works scored by Al Di Meola and Astor Piazzola, with a Chick Corea tune (Senor Mouse) thrown in for good measure.

Great music, and great video footage from a late 2006 concert that (I think) took place in Germany. You can order this one through MVD.

Simon Barrett

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