My wife has a tendency to studiously avoid most of my musical adventures, preferring to sit at the other end of the room and play on her computer. I popped this DVD in the player and within seconds she was over to check it out! In my opinion this is high praise indeed for any DVD. As the title of the DVD suggests, it is just that, using archival footage from the venerable Little Darlings in Florida we get to watch some of the very best performers strut their stuff.

We all know the songs so well, yet it is rare that we get to watch the original performers in action.

I do not like to turn a review into a track list, but I do feel that this DVD deserves some special treatment. Bryan Hyland does Itsy Bitsy and Sealed With A Kiss, Roger McGuinn has Mr Tambourine Man and Turn Turn Turn. Wolfman Jack, Ray Peterson, Spence Davis, Del Shannon, and several others round out this DVD.

This is a delightful dip into the music world of the 60’s, and if you are old (like I am) it is a nostalgic trip to a happy time before the advent of Punk and Rap!

You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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