This movie was originally released in 1981, Music Fusion have now released a soundtrack CD. Rick Wakeman is both the composer and player of this very fine work. His predilection these days is the Grand Piano, but back in the 80’s it was without doubt the Moog Synthesizer, and Rick was the master of this complex piece of electonica.

I have recently reviewed two Rick Wakeman works, Amazing Grace and The Other Side, I was confused when I first popped this cd in for a test drive, back was the Moog, and all of the other electronic marvels that is Rick Wakeman’s trademark. It was right about then that I realized this was music from way back that had been re-released. But old is not bad, some things get better with time, and this is a great example.

The tracks are haunting and captivating, Rick Wakeman at his very best. I have not seen this movie, but if the soundtrack is anything to go by, it must be well worth watching.

Note to self: Get a copy of The Burning.

The soundtrack is available through MVD and hits the stores on Aug/28.

Simon Barrett

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