Back in the day music was easy to categorize, there was Rock n Roll, and ‘Both types of Music’ (AKA Country and Western). The music industry however is much like the computer industry who love to invent categories for things. The self named album The Horrendous Acts Of Violence (according to the press release) “are the leaders in Electro-Death Hop”. Now exactly what this genre of music is, I for one am unsure. It definitely is something for the dance crowd, and it does contain a steady line of heavy synth throughout it. Though personally if I want dark music I would settle for J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in C minor. While you might think a factious comment, it really is not, a lot of this electronica is based on the same mathematical equations, yes, music is math! And electronica dance music is the finest example.

This is an album that would work in a dance club, but not necessarily something that you would want to pop in the CD player at home. Great music to smooch on the dance floor to, but not terribly satisfying to sit and listen to.

The Horrendous Acts Of Violence is available through MVD on their web site.

Simon Barrett


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