What’s not to love about this classic group from the 50’s? Countless people have enjoyed their harmonies. One piece of trivia that you might not know is that since their formation in 1953, there have been 57 members of this four piece harmony group! Regardless of the people coming and going, they have always maintained a very steady ship. No drifting off course!

Recorded in 2006, long after the music was first unleashed on the public, this (re)incarnation of this venerable group does a fine job. Many bands have come and gone in the past 50 years, many bands have gone through the ‘divorce’ of members, and often it has been acrimonious. The Drifters though have remained a brand. Yes, not band, brand. And there is nothing wrong with that. How would you like it if Hershey reformulated their chocolate bars every year?

Greatest Hits has all of the usual suspects on it, ‘Fools Fall In Love’, ‘Under The Boardwalk’, ‘Honey Love’, etc.

If you enjoyed them in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc, you will enjoy them now. My wife was positively salivating over listening to this CD (and I swear she is only 25 years old). I popped the CD in the player and she was grooving to the music. I briefly left the room and when I came back she was not only dancing in her chair but helping out with the backing vocals!

This CD is offered through MVD.

Simon Barrett


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