Starz hover somewhere between hard rock and metal, it is hard to peg them. They have been around since the mid 70’s and show no sign of giving up any time soon. The music scene was to say the least, fractured in the late 70’s, there were many styles vying for attention. The Hard Rock bordering on Metal was a direction that several bands took, but few succeeded. Starz was one of the few, and a successful career unfolded.

Comprised of Michael Lee Smith (frontman), Richie Ranno and Brenden Harkin on guitars, they are backed up with Peter Sweval playing a very mean bass. This is a tight band that understands where they are headed, and where they have come from. They know what their fans want, and they deliver.

This is what I would call a classic ‘Hair Band’. Huge amounts of energy, huge amounts of heavy chords, and power, power, and more power. Greatest Hits shows this band at their finest. You can feel the adrenaline coursing through not only the band but also the audience.

If you have not met Starz, it is time you did. Greatest Hits is available through MVD, they also have an interesting Web Site.

Simon Barrett

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