Peter Pan Speedrock are set for their first North American release. Coming out on June 5 is Spread Eagle. This band is based in Eindhoven in the Netherlands and hover somewhere between the end of the hard Hard Rock spectrum and into the heady world of Punk. What they may lack in musical virtuosity they make up for in volume and unbridled enthusiasm. The CD notes contain all of the lyrics, which I would keep well away for any young delicate eyes, while often amusing they are most definitely X rated. I think the term ‘Potty Mouth’ might be applicable.

Peter Pan Speedrock is comprised of  Peter van Elderen on guitar, Bart Nederhand on drums, and  Bart Geevers on bass. Although this band is unknown in the US they do have a strong following in Europe. It will be interesting to see how this very European hard rock style goes down in North America.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the lyrics I do not think that you will be hearing Peter Pan on your local radio station, the FCC would have kittens! They make Howard Stern look like a nun.

OK, having scared off 90% of my readers, lets talk about the good stuff. If very hard rock is your milieu, give these guys a shot, they do have that distinctly EuroRock style that is something that deserves listening to, it is raw, it is savage, and it assaults the senses. This CD might surprise us all, it is the kind of offering that could very well be a hit if it gets into the right hands.

You can find out more about this eclectic Dutch trio on their website. The CD is being produced for the North American market by MVD and is available on their web site. 

Simon Barrett

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