New England is the classic Rock n’ Band, with their roots in the very late 70’s this is a band that exudes the feel. Although this is a ‘Live’ album the sound quality is very high. The great parts as well as the less than great aspects of a band come out with live performances. These guys give it their all. New England is made up of John Fannon (Guitar and Vocals), Hirsh Gardner (Drums and Vocals), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards and vocals) and Gary Shea (bass). I have to admit that this is a band that was ‘Under my radar’, and prior to this CD I knew nothing about them. While they may not be groundbreaking musicians, they certainly are accomplished musicians. I am pretty certain that they put on a fine live act.

The Rock n’ Roll scene is alive and well, and that can be clearly seen in this album. Frontman John Fannon, does a fine job, he has the perfect voice for this genre of music, the rest of the band fill in what is a perfect wall of sound.

Greatest Hits is available through the MVD group, put on your flared pants, your best tie dyed T-shirt, frizz your hair, and take em out for a test drive! You can also ‘Try Before You Buy’ on their web site, I love that feature.

Simon Barrett


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