Joe Deninzon is the front man for this rather interesting band. A Google search shows that this genre of music is known as ‘psychojazz trip funk’! Now I for one am not familiar with this particular label. I think in layman’s terms they are jazz, but the introduction of the electric violin and Moog does add a new dimension to the sound. The band is made up of Joe Deninzon (Violins/vocals/acoustic guitar), Mack Price(Guitars/vocals), Lucianna Padmore (Drums), and Bob Bowen (Bass/Moog/Vocals).

Being a flower child of the 60’s I was really happy to see that the Moog is still going strong. This wonderful piece of electronica that was the staple for Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Rick Wakeman, is a superb instrument, and Bob Bowen knows just how to make it sing. I have been a big fan of the electric violin for a long time, and it adds a level of excitement to the music that few other instruments can achieve.

I like this album a lot, it really showcases just how good this band is. However there is a downside, this would be a great band to see live, and I am sure they offer a high octane set that draws you in, unfortunately high octane does not always translate well into a CD. Some things are just done best live.

I loved the track Yulia, this is a delightful acoustic piece that really demonstrates the versatility of this band. However I do have one criticism to make, these guys are very much a musicians band. A musician can understand the complexity of a piece, while us ‘mere mortals’ prefer a simpler approach. Complexity does not always mean better. This is a great band, with great talent, and I think that if they simplify their approach they will achieve great recognition. 

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Simon Barrett

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