I’ll cut to the chase here, if you are an Elvis fan here is the link, you need read no more, just click on it and buy it. For the rest of you, I will try to present a review. Elvis played in a huge number of movies in his career, I believe the total was 31! Elvis was larger than life, in life, and maybe is even larger posthumously. He died in 1977 yet the CD’s keep coming out. This is a two CD collection of 40 of his most famous movie songs. Sony – BMG have done a great job of cleaning up the audio, the quality of the audio makes it sound as if it was recorded yesterday. I am sure the National Enquirer will pick up on this aspect, and will be publishing some stories about how this CD was actually recorded last summer, in some small town in Nebraska, using the very best modern equipment.

Love Me Tender from 1956 is the earliest, and 39 songs later we have Rubberneckin from 1969 which appeared in The Change Of Habit. Using my High School math, this means that Elvis pumped out 2 or more movies a year. Very few stars can make that claim. I can offer no review of his acting ability, I will leave that to more qualified people. I can offer my personal thoughts about his music. Without doubt he was the most prolific and successful performer for an entire generation.

Many performers have tried to ‘cross over’ into the world of movies, and most have failed. The Beatles, The Who, and even David Bowie, they all tried this track and maybe they did not exactly fail, but they certainly did not succeed. Elvis on the other hand, not only succeeded, but grew from the experience. His 1961 Blue Hawaii was not only a hit movie, but the title track (album) was Number 1 on the Billboard charts for 20 weeks! There are not many artists that can claim this sort of success.

During this period of singing and acting, Elvis managed to accumulate 14, Gold and Platinum awards for his soundtracks alone. Again using my basic High School math, and  Baseball parlance, that is batting at pretty close to 500. You may not be an Elvis fan, but you certainly cannot ignore his influence on a three decade era.

You can get this double CD from Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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