‘Boom Boom (out go the lights)’ this is the opening line on this great Rock n Roll album. Pat Travers has been in the music business for over 30 years, and this is a man that knows how to rock. Pat also has the experience garnered from playing and writing in both the European and North American markets. This is an album that exudes vibrancy. This is a happy, and well accomplished band that understand each others styles. Tight, tight, musical formations, great vocals, and just enough of torturing the poor guitars to make sounds that they were never designed to make, this is a must have album for any rock fans collection.

I am not sure how many albums Pat has under his belt, but I’ll bet it is at least 50. Yes you heard that right, Fifty! Although he may not be as well known as Led Zeppelin, or The Stones, but this guy could give these bands a run for their money, and win!

Boom Boom contains a combination of new work, and also a few covers including Stevie Wonder great tune Superstitious. And the track Boom Boom (out go the lights) is not an original composition, I believe that it was first recorded in 1955 by ‘Little Walter and his Jukes’. Great music doesn’t have to be new, it just has to be performed spectacularly and that is what Pat Travers does.

Alas neither the CD, nor the internet revealed who were the backing band, but whoever they are, they deserve great applause, they did a ‘bang up’ job.

This is good ole Rock n Roll folks, this is what we like. Raunchy guitar playing, great solid drums, and slightly gravelly vocals, what more could you want? Oh and Pat, when you read this review, I am looking for an interview, I am Googling you as I type!

Due for a street release date of June 26 you can get your early order in via MVD.

Simon Barrett


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