This ‘lost tape’ of a 1996 impromptu concert at a California winery is classic Jon Anderson, you can spot his unique vocal style from the opening word. The CD contains an enjoyable mix of YES, Jon and Vangelis, and solo songs.
The music is great, and the quality, considering it is an ‘official’ bootleg, while not up to studio quality is certainly very acceptable. It certainly was not recorded on a portable cassette player!

The CD liner notes are to say the least skimpy and do not give a list of who was backing Jon at this event.

The song collection is eclectic, including a rendition of The Charlie Brown Theme, which certainly is not mainstream Jon Anderson. If I had to pick a favourite track it would have to be this live version of Owner Of A Lonely Heart, while this is a much more acoustic version than the one we are more familiar with, it is performed with gusto and great audience participation.

Interestingly enough he also includes a monologue by Native American Longwalker.

All in all this CD is a voyage of discovery and reveals a side of Jon Anderson that I certainly had not come across before.

The Mothers Day Concert is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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