If you are a thrash metal fan you might recognize this title and just assume that Canada Post is even slower than usual, and has taken 21 years to deliver this CD to me. But you would be wrong, this is a re-release of the 1986 classic. One of the unusual aspects of Détente is that the vocalist if female, Dawn Crosby screams along at the speed of light with more venom in her voice than a pit full of rattlesnakes.

Recognize No Authority is high voltage music, that is slightly tinged with punk.

Along with Dawn Crosby (vocals), we have Dennis Butler (Drums), Caleb Quinn (Guitars), Steve Hochheiser (Bass), and Ross Robinson (Guitar).

As a band Détente did not stay together long, soon after Recognize No Authority was released elements of the band morphed into Fear Of God.

I will admit that thrash is not one of my favorite genres, but these folks could actually play their instruments, the album is littered with solo’s that prove that. These were no ‘three chord wonders’.

Dawn Crosby died in 1996 from acute liver problems brought on by years of addiction issues.

You can get your own copy of Recognize No Authority from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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