707 have their roots firmly planted in the early 80’s. While they maybe not as well known as some of the other ‘Hair’ bands of the time, they did quickly develop a loyal and devoted fan base. The band is comprised of Kevin Russell playing lead guitar and acting as the vocal frontman, Phil Bryant is on bass and also offers up his vocal talents, Jim McClarty is drummer, and last, but by no means least the very adaptable Tad Howarth who seems equally at home on the guitar or the keyboards. As to musical style, you can sum this group up in two words Hard Rock, and I do mean hard. I suspect that they are quite the spectacle live!

Maybe the strangest and most incongruous member of this band is Jim McClarty, who (according to online sources) when not pushing the Marshall Amps into meltdown mode is actually a pastor in a small town outside of Nashville.

707 are an outstanding example of the Hard Rock genre. However they never quite made it to the top of the pile. To say the least, it was a crowded field, and with so many other bands competing, somehow they got lost in the crowd. Which is a shame, because this is a band that deserves to be listened to, and seen live.

For a live album 707 – Greatest Live Hits is very well produced, someone did a great job on the mixing console. Most ‘live’ albums while extolling the spontaneity of the moment lack the musical depth of a studio one. This has both!

So, my advice is, frizz the hair, put on some funky clothes and get a copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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