At this time of year we receive a huge amount of press releases, emails, and ‘stuff’ in the mail box. Most of it goes into limbo. It is not that we don’t want to cover the material, it is just that we have no time.

Well, I took some time off, and explored this weeks ‘hot’ hits. Without doubt the biggest music event is Paul McCartney who has just released Good Evening New York City. This is a double CD and DVD combo, and looks like a real winner. We did have a chance to preview a small portion of it and you can find the preview and listen to a track here.

Rodney Carrington is best known for his comedic routines, but he is also a very accomplished singer. He has just released Make It Christmas, this is a delightful album, and one that anyone who loves Christmas will want. We are still waiting for the cd to arrive, but we do have this preview.

In the realm of DVD ‘s one that caught our attention was Facing Ali, there is no doubt that Cassius Clay, or as he prefers to be known Mohammad Ali was a defining force in the world of boxing. This is the man that ‘floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee’. This DVD takes a look at some of Ali’s best known opponents. The preview is here.

There are also some pretty interesting movies heading our way. Who doesn’t like Jackie Chan? Billed as the replacement for Bruce Lee he usually comes across as more of a comedian than a martial arts expert. The Spy Next Door is his latest adventure, you can read the preview here.

There are lots more CD’s, DVD’s, and Movies ready to rock-n-roll. Time precludes me from including more, but there are many others!

Hopefuly tomorrow I will have some more time, and we can look at some other releases. Till then, enjoy the audio and video that is available.

Simon Barrett

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