Who would want this guy’s job?  Pervez Musharraf.  Talking about being between a rock and a hard place.  Trying so very hard to figure out just what the U.S. really wants from him.  Just this past March VP Cheney was dispatched along with a CIA deputy director to  “pay a call” on Musharraf.   The visit was an obvious attempt by the U.S. to put extreme pressure on Musharraf  to regain control in the NW Waziristan territories of Pakistan where bin Laden is believed to be hiding.   Problem for Musharraf and his army is that when they advance on this western Pakistan region, that leaves their rear open to attacks from the radical Islamists in the central part of the country!  Because the armed, radical Islamic forces are everywhere in Pakistan.  In fact they want to take over and take possession of Pakistans nuclear arsenal.  Any moron who picks up a newspaper once in awhile ought to know that.  How many times now have they tried to assassinate this poor guy  Musharraf?    

Then this past August Musharaff reads the morning paper where upwardly moving U.S. Senator Barack Obama  delivers a not so veiled threat that if “Musharraf will not act [in western Pakistan] then we will!” – if he’s elected, that is.    Well that must’ve been a real Maalox moment for Pervez.  Knowing how the  Democratic star is rising in U.S. politics and knowing that Sen. Obama is gaining in popularity within that party,  Musharraf  realizing that there’s a good possibility that he’ll be dealing with President Obama  come January ’09.  Or so his sources tell him.   “What a predicament to be in” says Pervez.   “Its beginning to become crystal clear that the U.S. wants  more action and less talk.  Certainly they know that Pakistan is almost totally permeated with radical Islamist and there is only one real course of action to be taken.  Of course they have to know and therefore they must approve of this action even though it won’t make me a very popular person in the world community.  But what choice do I have?  To stay friendly with the U.S. or to be over run by the radical jihadists?” 

So Pervez Musharraf made his decision this past week and did what had to be done.  What has been done in other nations during times of severe crisis and chaos throughout history.   Even in our own nation during the civil war President Lincoln declared martial law.   A  State of Emergency can  be declared during time of war or national disaster.  To be honest, Musharraf probably waited too long.  He should’ve done this sooner or he should’ve cracked down a lot harder on the radicals, at least.  And Musharraf makes a good and reasoned argument for his actions this past week.  ( link )

Certainly Musharraf  sat in his office this past Saturday waiting for an encouraging phone call from President Bush or SecState Rice.   And he’s probably still waiting.  Because all he got from  Secretary Rice and her department of state was a  wagging  self-righteous, condemning finger pointed at him.     No phone call from our weakling of a President or Secretary of Defense proposing a rapid deployment of Pakistani, U.S. and Afghan troops into the Waziristan  area to once and for all wipe out the Taliban and other radical elements.  And to get that section of Pakistan back under the control of the Pakistani government.    Which is not to say that something is not happening.  I have to believe that there are some of our Special Ops and CIA folks in there trying to help our friend and ally – Pakistan.  This is such a grand opportunity in the over all Global War on Terror.  A chance to totally crush the radical trouble makers.   And capture bin Laden and al Zawahiri.   If they’re even still alive.   DD

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