Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect 

The attack on Geo TV could really be an attack on him, Pakistan President General Musharraf told Geo TV in a phone interview. He admitted that there could be a larger conspiracy behind the attack.
“I would say it is sabotage of whatever we stand for or whatever we are doing,” said Musharraf.
He assured compensation for Geo TV channel and apologised to Bureau Chief Hamid Mir. He also promised that action would be initiated at once against those involved in the attack on the channel

The police attacked one of the most balanced news channels in Pakistan because it was covering the sacking of the Chief Justice by Pakistan’s dictator : General Musharraf. Journalists were beaten up, the office was damaged and tear gas shells were thrown into a newspaper office by the police! And now the latest news is that the government has realised its mistake (the channel managed to cover the attack by the police) and is calling this an ‘abrupt’ incicent (what does that mean?). Hamir Mir, the bureau chief of Geo TV said on live TV that it was premeditated and the police were keen to break the news room but did not succeed. They came in asking for the news room.
Actually as an Indian observer I am not sure whether there was freedom of the press anyway in Pakistan. Surely its not a secret that Musharaff is a dictator? Maybe this particular action was blatant and that is why it has shocked everyone. But hey, Musharaff is a dictator and the press being gagged in a dictatorship (even if some people consider it a benevolent dictatorship) is not so shocking. Maybe this particular action will shock the press out of its delusion that it was free to do and air whatever it wanted.


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