By Honey Gillard

ENGLISH rock band Muse’s front man Matt Bellamy has recently made critical remarks towards this summer’s Live Earth events.

The rocker claims that the events organizers will ultimately cause harm to the environment if the entertainers are flown in by private jet.

‘Live Earth’ will feature some of the world’s prime musical acts performing at 7 spectacular shows around the globe on July 7.

The intention is to present seven concerts on the same day – one concert on each of Earth’s seven continents – Australia, Europe, Antarctica, Africa, Asia, Europe, Nth America, Sth America.

The gigs will work to promote global awareness and action confronting the world’s greatest super-villian, which affects both our present and our future – Global Warming.

Bellamy argues that the cause is hypocritical.

He states, “Private jets for climate change, not sure about it, that seems to be a bit on edge really – that’s an issue really so we need to think about it.”

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 Sources: Starpulse

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