Blogging from Phoenix (psburton) – Authorities in Florida, at the direction of Governor Charlie Crist, are investigating the possibility as many as 32 students from a reformatory, may have been murdered and buried in shallow graves decades ago.

Four former residents of the Florida School for Boys, now known as the Dozier school for boys, have come forward. Claiming guards abused and killed fellow students at the reformatory in Marianna, Florida. Governor Crist has directed Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the graves and determine whether any crimes were committed.”Questions remain unanswered as to the identity of the deceased and the origin of these graves,” Crist wrote in a letter to the FDLE.

The agency’s spokesperson Kristin Perezluha, issued a public statement saying, “The main goal is to determine the location of the graves, who owned the property at the time, and determine if any crimes were committed,” Because the investigation is just beginning, it’s still uncertain who, if anyone was killed or buried in the 32 spots marked by white metal crosses.

The four former students asked Governor Crist to launch the investigation on Monday. They refer to themselves as the “White House Boys” after a concrete building where they allege, school staff carried out the abuse and murders.
The four Bryant Middleton, Dick Colon, Roger Kiser and Michael McCarthy now well into middle age, say they tracked down each other on the Internet, after Kiser started a Web site. After sharing their experiences from the school, they decided to go public, and call for an investigation.

Till children’s advocacy groups began drawing attention to the issue at a national level in the early seventies, Severe Physical and sexual abuse of children in the Nations reformatories and detention schools was common place. By the middle eighties most states had adopted uniform regulations governing the care and treatment of youth. While juvenile courts often still define or refer to minors as incorrigible, For the most part, those charged with caring for wards of the court, consider them young people in need of treatment and nurturing as opposed to delinquents who require reform.

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