Digital Empowerment Society, New Delhi along with the Association of Progressive Communication (APC) along with the DIT and NIXI has organized a multi stake holder consultation on Internet Rights, Accessability, Regulation and Ethics at Delhi today the 3rd may 2012.

Ms Aruna Roy inaugurating the Multi Stake stakeholder consultation on Internet Rights in Delhi highlighted the importance of Right to Information and the link between Right to Information and Internet. She putforth that Right to Know is Right to life. In this context, she expressed that Internet is a strong ally and has contributed to the effective dissemination of information in projects such as NREGA. It is a tool to empower the poor in expressing their views against a media which is normally interested only in sensationalization..she said.

Ms Honey Tan, a Human Rights Lawyer from Malaysia speaking on the occassion indicated that the Universal Review Process (UPR) of the Human Rights Council of UN, is due in June this year and the way Internet rights are treated in India may have an impact on this review. (See Picture)

Speaking on the occassion, Naavi highlighted the need for Netizens to organize themselves into a “Responsible” voice. (Copy of the presentation is available here)

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