One of the senators that has been fighting on behalf of Libby residents that are suffering from asbestos related diseases has announced the authorisation of a grant that is to be issued to help sufferers of this type of disease.

Many residents in the town of Libby in Montana have been affected by asbestos exposure as a result of the W R Grace mine, and the senator that has been fighting their cause is Senator Max Baucus of Montana. Although W R Grace won the court case relating to the situation, the company has donated a quarter of a million dollars towards treatment and healthcare for residents.

The senator has now also announced that there will be a grant of six million dollars to go towards helping to provide medical care to Libby residents, and this grant has come from the Department of Health and Human Services.

There has been concern that while the asbestos contaminated area of Libby was designated a superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency due to the high level of contamination, no public health emergency has been declared.

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