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AMID mounting signs of social unrest, the former head of Zimbabwe’s army has embarked on a charm offensive among foreign ambassadors in Harare, convincing President Robert Mugabe that he is plotting a coup.
Solomon Mujuru, whose wife Joice is Zimbabwe’s Vice-President, has met the British, French and US ambassadors, provoking fury from Mr Mugabe, who now believes leading players in his own Zanu-PF party are scheming to overthrow him.
In an unprecedented attack on senior party figures, Mr Mugabe claimed at the weekend that there was “an insidious dimension where ambitious leaders have been cutting deals with the British and Americans”.
He said: “The whole succession debate has given imperialism hope for re-entry.
Mugabe has been gradually destroying the county ever since the country gained independence from the British. His government is authoritarian, violent, and routinely violates the rights of its citizens. Mugabe has overseen genocide operations (“ethnic cleansing”), wholesale robbery (“land reform”), election tampering, hyperinflation, and forceful suppression of dissent. At least.

Under his guidance the country has gone from a major food exporter to one dependent on international aid and where chronic shortages are the norm.

Mugabe, who frequently blames Zimbabwe’s economic problems on sabotage by Britain and the United States, told his Western critics on Thursday that they could “go hang.”



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