The spineless Mufti is at it again with his “healing” touch, this time aimed for those across the LOC in POK. Offstumped examines his new hairbrained ideas.

First it was his daughter with talk of joint management of Jammu & Kashmir with suggestions of reserving seats in the legislature. Next it was him with talk of recognizing Pakistan currency in Kashmir.

Now the Mufti is back with his latest demand – safe passage for militants who cross over from POK as well as government aid to families of slain militants.

The rate at which the Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his daughter Mehbooba Mufti are thinking out of the box, it makes one wonder if this is the right box ?

With so many out of the box ideas all of which have to do with Pakistan Occuppied Kashmir, it is perhaps germane to ask the Mufti to consider running for office in POK rather than in J&K.

In fact let us make this the litmus test of his “healing touch” brand of politics.

If the Mufti believes so seriously that joint management of Kashmir with POK will heal wounds, respecting both currencies will bridge hearts and providing safe passage and aid to militants will pave the path for normalcy, then how about starting with POK.

Why doesnt the Mufti offer to run for office in POK to get one-up on joint management ?

While he is at it why doesnt he offer to pay for his campaign in Indian Rupees ?

Last but not the least why doesnt he obtain guarantees of safe passage for his supporters across the LOC into POK and back so he can run a spirited campaign ?

With the PPP at the helm in Pakistan, the Mufti must feel encouraged to make his case for POK, after all a mere alphabet separates his party from the PPP.

But then we would have none of this would we ?

Offstumped Bottomline: With elections impending in Jammu & Kashmir, the PDP’s Mufti and his daughter are working overtime to shore up their prospects with some outrageously out of the box ideas. Its perhaps time the father daugher duo realized they are probably in the wrong box. Any serious proposal to make the LOC irrelevant must start with Pakistan Occuppied Kashmir for cross border terrorism is not bi-directional.

Offstumped is written by Yossarin from the Indian National Interest 

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