I spend a good deal of time combing through press releases, most are boring. Lets face it who cares that Joe Blow has been promoted to chief engineer of the Freds Widget Company? I am sure that Joe likes the attention, and that he richly deserves the promotion. The chances are that Freds make the finest widgets in the universe, but, widgets do not make news.

News these days is all about dirt. Dirty politicians, dirty law enforcers, and dirty sportsmen. Lets face it, dirt sells.

When I see an opening paragraph like this I take notice:

More than 10,000 participants will descend upon Highland Park in Cedartown, Georgia, on March 12th and 13th to participate in probably the toughest one-day event on the planet and raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Not your typical endurance run, this 10-mile obstacle course is designed by British Special forces to test fitness, stamina, mental strength and all around grit. Come see first hand why Triathlons are for wimps. Hint: it’s the same reason we are already sold out 6 months in advance of our 2nd Annual NY/PA event that will take place this coming April 2011. Don’t miss what is sure to be the event everyone is talking about!

The press release also included this wonderful photo, no doubt taken as a tribute to some earlier warriors.


The press release is a sheer work of art. Generally I do not publish press releases, but this one is too good to miss. I can only hope that the Tide Load Of Hope truck will be on hand.

The gory details can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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