Here is a perfect example of why no one can trust the MSM. They can’t even get a quote in context without spinning it to their own desired ends by leaving out parts of the quote, materially changing its meaning. MSNBC took a few choice words out of an Internet post written by Randy Thomas, vice president of Exodus International, a Christian based organization that promotes “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ.” In MSNBC’s “More evangelicals concluding God is green,” they quote Mr. Thomas as to why he is supporting Mike Huckabee. But, the way they quote Thomas it seems that he endorses the “God is green” concept, when he doesn’t at all in reality.

Here is how they quoted Thomas:

Randy Thomas, vice president of Exodus International, an evangelical ministry, wrote last month that “I have decided to vote for Huckabee. Yes, it is because he is unabashedly Christian, but it is also that he does care for the environment.”

Wow, it sure seems as if Mr. Thomas is all about the green, doesn’t it?

Problem is, they took a few words out of Mr. Thomas’ original post and those few words materially alters Mr. Thomas’ meaning. Here is Thomas’ full quote as he originally posted it on his blog:

Speaking on behalf of me….and me alone … not any organization and (especially not Exodus because Exodus as an organization does not support or condemn any particular candidate) *I* have decided to vote for Huckabee.

Yes, it is because he is unabashedly Christian, but it is also that he does care for the environment (in a balanced way … not the “new religion” kind of way.) I like that he has a lot of good experience as well. Of all the candidates, I like him. I like Fred too, but Huck is just as likeable in my opinion.

Notice how Mr. Thomas said in his actual quote that Huckabee is green but, “in a balanced way … not the “new religion” kind of way.” In other words, Thomas feels that Huckabee is sensible in his green ideas, not wild eyed in his greeness. Why did MSNBC take that part out of the endorsement? Obviously they did so to make Mr Thomas seem all excited over Huckabee solely because of the green issue. It also tends to make Thomas seem to be supportive the current crop of extreme greenies out there because the tempering language was removed from his quote. At least, without those tempering words, it could be construed that Thomas could support the greennuts.

MSNBC also did another thing with their story that is a bit misleading. They quote Mr. Thomas as the “vice president of Exodus International” without observing his careful disclaimer in his original quote that his endorsement of Huckabee is as a private citizen and not in his capacity as VP of Exodus. Should you read the MSNBC story, you would not realize at all that Thomas was specific in distancing his role as VP of Exodus from his endorsement of Huckabee.

On his blog, Mr. Thomas found himself flummoxed that MSNBC misused his words without ever once contacting him to clarify anything or even inform him that they intended to use his words.

MSNBC did not contact me or cite my blog. I find that intriguing and think it would have been common courtesy to do so. I found out that I was quoted by J. Thanks J. I don’t like the appearance that I was quoted to make the case that there is a schism within evangelicals over the environment.

Further, Thomas even disputes the “God is green” claim that MSNBC wanted to assign to him.

I don’t think God is “Green” but I do think He cares for His entire creation in which He charged mankind to take dominion of (Genesis 1).

In any case, this all goes to show that MSNBC took Mr. Thomas’ words and sentiments out of context to better fit in with their “God is Green” premise.

With yet another example of the untrustworthiness of the MSM one wonders how often people are misquoted in the press?

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