In their coverage of the election returns, MSNBC posted a story this morning at the bottom of which was a brief run down of who won and who lost in Congressional races across the country.

Most of these listings were presented without comment of any kind. Like the race in Arizona:

Arizona: Incumbent Republican John Kyl over Democrat Jim Pederson.

That was pretty straightforward. No bias, no nonsense. Just a who-won/who-lost listing. Of the 23 races they list, only a few have any thing by way of extra commentary. Additionally, out of that few they offered further comment on, all were either benign or complimentary.

…Except ONE.

MSNBC took one last opportunity to beat up on Katherine Harris.

Florida: Incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson over Republican Katherine Harris, a two-term House member who made her name overseeing Florida’s recount in the disputed 2000 presidential election. Her campaign was marked by a lack of money, staff changes and little support from party leaders.

They just can’t help themselves, can they? One more chance to get even with the woman they think cost Gore (and the MSM) Victory in 2000.

Bias? Only blatantly so.

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