A few months ago, when Fred Thompson first began to ruminate about running for the White House, I wondered aloud about just what line of attack the MSM would settle upon when they began going after Thompson in earnest. There were several candidates, but the one I thought would be their favorite charge would be that of the “he’s just an actor” meme. And it looks like this is, indeed, the winning MSM charge against Thompson, as since my first article, the line has been used in many more Thompson hit pieces promulgated by the MSM.

Here Mr. Thompson is in good company, though. Who else but Ronald Reagan was and is still being called “just an actor” by denizens of the leftist MSM? But, I don’t think I’d worry that the charge will gain any more legitimacy with Fred Thompson than it did with Ronald Reagan, the man who won the Cold War. In fact, as each decade passes, Reagan gains more and more credibility as his legacy is reassessed by less partisan thinkers as the media of his own day passes mercifully from the scene.

Do not mistake me to be saying that Thompson is a new Ronald Reagan, though. It is too easy to fall into this misleading mode of thinking. Reagan was a one of a kind, to be sure. But many of the qualities that made Ronald Reagan the man for his age can be found in one Fred Thompson. While calling Thompson the next Reagan is not helpful, calling him a Reaganite, however, is more accurate.

Still, it seems that the “he’s just an actor” line is the bat the MSM will use the most as they come after Fred Thompson.

I have previously brought you a hit piece by Jennifer Rubin in the New York Observer where Rubin uses the “just an actor” line of attack.

Then there was the vapid Alessandra Stanley, a TV writer who’s whole New York Times piece was a “just an actor” attack.

There is a whole slew of “he’s just an actor” lines in the MSM.

The UK’s Timesonline

The New Statesman tries their hand at the favored line, too.

And so does New York Magazine.

The latest was penned by the clueless Michael Hirsh of Newsweek.

In fact, in just about any story about Fred Thompson by the MSM you can find at least one crack about him being “just an actor.”

So, I think we can safely say that we have identified the main MSM attack line for Fred Thompson.

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