The stories are still emerging about the n-word laden phone call that got Dog Chapman’s reality TV show The Bounty Hunter canned by A&E. According to reports on MSNBC the latest person to enter the ring is Beth Chapman, who is said to be foaming at the mouth over the whole episode.

She does not want to kiss and make up with her son tucker, but rather is out to extract revenge. Rumors abound that she is trying to get him evicted from his apartment, and get his parole violated, and his ass put back in jail.

MSNBC are running a quote attributed to Beth, however they do not name the source. “Beth was furious at Tucker, convinced that he had given the phone tapes to the Enquirer. She was screaming, ‘I don’t care if I lose every dime I have and have to eat out of garbage cans, I will have revenge!’”

Ouch, I don’t think I would want to be in Tucker’s shoes when Beth comes a calling! Good times in paradise!

Simon Barrett

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