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“He was an Irish patriot, true and fearless. When in future times the Irish Free State is not only prosperous and happy, but an active and annealing force… regard will be paid by widening circles to his life …”  

Sir Winston wrote those words in his epic “World Crisis” of one Michael Collins, commander of the Irish Republican Army in the Irish War of Independence against Great Britain.  Today he might well have written the same of one Declan J. Ganley – the Irishman who led his nation in their defeat of the so-called Lisbon Treaty last month.

We highly recommend you view Mr. Ganley’s July 15 presentation at the Heritage Foundation.  In it Mr. Ganley – not a politician but a businessman and father of four – details in articulate and passionate voice why and how he led the charge against this latest affront to the sensibilities of free men everywhere – the Lisbon Treaty.   

Monday, July 21, Mr. Ganley is meeting French President Nicholas Sarkozy who is visiting Ireland. Currently serving as President of the European Council, Mr. Sarkozy seems to believe those silly Irish got it wrong on June 13 when they killed the Lisbon treaty with a loud and clear vote of NO.  It is evidently Sarkozy’s job, as Executive Boob of the Euro-Elite, to convince these backward and unenlightened people that they did not  know what they were doing and must therefore do it again, so that this time they might vote CORRECTLY. 

“The Lisbon Treaty is dead,” writes Ganley on the homepage of his organization Libertas. “Libertas will not participate in any debate on the Lisbon treaty on Monday – that debate ended when the people of Ireland voted no”.

Sarkozy’s people insist that with his visit Mr. Sarkozy intends only to “listen” to the Irish people in hopes of “better understanding” their concerns. That the bone-snapping irony of an allegedly democratic body of government – the European Council – simply not accepting the clear and unequivocal voice of the people is lost on these elitists pinheads is in truth all the glimpse one needs of the utterly undemocratic soul which motivates it.

The Irish people share no such lack of appreciation for irony.  Sarkozy deserves to be laughed out of Ireland as was the Lisbon Treaty, for the betterment of Ireland, Europe, and the cause of Human Liberty.

Thank you Mr. Ganley!



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