The well known BitTorrent site ISOHunt has gone offline. According to online information ISOHunt’s ISP suddenly pulled the plug on the site.

The most likely reason being legal pressure from the MPAA who have been waging a war with BitTorrent tracking sites for about a year. Many of the tracking sites folded under the pressure of threats of legal action.

Notable exceptions are The Pirate Bay (based in Sweden) and ISOHunt. ISOHunt’s servers however were located in the US, thereby making them accessible to prosecution.

The Internet rumor mill is saying that ISOHunt will be back on line shortly using servers based in Canada. It is not clear that this is going to be a long term solution for them. I am sure that the Canadian ISP will also be hearing from the MPAA.

Both Slashdot and BroadBandReports are running versions of the story.

Simon Barrett

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