Well, actually he already was, already. But Berliners just don’t want to leave him in peace or let him rest in such and it kind of goes a little like this: There’s this subway station in Berlin called Bundestag, which happens to be near the Bundestag, some here call it the Kanzler U-Bahn (the Chancellor’s subway) by the way, although she actually drives, I’m sure, or gets driven, or even occasionally walks, and because this here fancy almost-new station hasn’t quite opened up for business yet some enterprising enterpriser types have decided to “do” the Bundestag subway station and perform The Magic Flute down there.

Everyone is all excited about the big premiere except me, which will take place on the 26th of this month so get your tickets now. No, not BVG subway tickets, these babies are the real i.e. expensive opera kind.

And as you can surely imagine, the artsy opera types involved with the enterprising enterpriser types here, like opera director Christoph Hagel himself, are tickled pink about the production and are convinced, I am sure, that this is actually what Mozart had in mind. Word is that the bird catcher dude Papageno will actually be a garbage collecter this time and that Princess Pamina won’t get abducted but will be caught Schwarzfahren (riding black as in not paying) and arrested by a cop instead. I hope it’s going to be Berliner cop at least. That would make it even more realistic or something.

Or as Hagel has put it: “The queen of the night whiles away in the subway tunnels, symbolizing the big city dweller’s dreams of all that is underground and the sinister things that go on down there.” Damn. Talk about sinister. It’s like this guy can read my friggin’ mind.

Anyway, Mozart would be proud if he weren’t so dead and did you know, by the way, that The Magic Flute is closely associated with Freemasonry so maybe this is all some kind of sinister and elaborate underground plot? Just think about that one long and hard for a while. I sure didn’t.

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