Former couple Bridget Monyahan and Tom Brady are having a baby. A publicist for actress Moynahan, 36, has confirmed that she is more than three months pregnant and that New England Patriots quarterback Brady, 29, is the father.

The couple split up in December after a three-year relationship. Brady is reportedly dating lingerie model Giselle Bundchen. A statement released Monday by Moynahan’s publicist, Christina Papadopoulos, to the Associated Press said: “Privacy and consideration is appreciated at this time. No further comments will be made.”

Moynahan’s pregnancy was first reported by the New York Post on Saturday. The story quoted Papadopoulos as saying Moynahan was “healthy and excited.”

Moynahan reportedly became depressed and lost weight after the break-up, which was said to be amicable.

According to the Boston Herald, Brady has known “for months” that he is the father of Moynahan’s baby, but does not have any plans to marry his former girlfriend. Friends told the Herald the couple broke up because Brady did not want to marry and start a family, which the Herald report says is part of Moynahan’s “five-year plan.”

One friend said, “She took the break-up so hard you wouldn’t believe it.”

Moynahan starred in ABC’s “Six Degrees” and appeared in HBO’s Sex and the City.


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