I grew up on PBS.  I watched all the kids’ shows, but back when they were live action and never animated.  Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, you know the drill.  Those were shows which entertained me, helped me to learn and expand my horizons, and taught me about music and puppets.  Now there is another grand inheritor of those early and pivotal shows.

Starting this May 20th, now available on DVD for the first time ever from PorchLight Home Entertainment and Silverman Productions, comes the latest children’s adventure from Grammy nominee, Zak Morgan.  ZakLand is ready to take your home theater system by storm in a swirl of music and fun and transport your children to a magical world.

ZakLand is the live action and animated story of the world of ZakLand.  Zak and his friends, made up of Marty the bullfrog, the Can-Can twins, Uncle Hank and loads of kids, are getting ready for King Shiny’s birthday.  But Hank’s little brother Irwin accidentally eats the Special Birthday Surprise!  Can the gang save the day?  Watch the movie, learn, have fun, and find out.

This DVD does not come with any special features, just loads and loads of music, fun, and a shiny surprise!

This is the first release for Zak Morgan since his Grammy nominated album, When Bullfrogs Croak.  In a very compelling endorsement, none other than Dr. Henry Cloud, one of the greatest psychologists in America, recommend this movie.  This entertaining and very musical film teaches a lot about the power of imagination and teamwork.  The characters are funny and interesting and the music is completely spectacular.  Zak Morgan will only become more famous as his virtuosity within this field continues to grow.  And, with the 200 shows he performs each year, it’s hard to imagine that will not come to pass.

ZakLand is a magical musical wonderland and the perfect fantasyland for your children to be whisked away to.

PorchLight Home Entertainment is a division of PorchLight Entertainment, a media production and distribution company which remains dedicated to providing high-quality family friendly media.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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