I love comic books.  They are a very important means of telling a story, one which values the art just as much as the story which is being told.  They are full of such great mythology and characters and some of the craziest things ever to happen with the written word have taken place in comic books.  The Giant Squid?  That was comic books.  Neil Gaiman burying Batman?  That just happened in comic books.  Now you can see a great comic book series come to life just like you used to.

Starting this April 28th, now available as a two disc set from Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Marvel Comics comes the second half of one of the greatest Saturday morning cartoons of all time.  X-Men – Volume Two is ready to blast right out of your television screen and fill your living room with all those fascinating mutants you grew up knowing all about.  Bring home this must-have collection today!

Professor X and the rest of his X-Men are back, even the ones you thought weren’t going to be around any longer.  It’s time for episodes 17 through 33 of the original and fantastic series.  They include four multiple part series, the two part “Time Fugitives,” the two part “Reunion,” the two part “Out Of The Past” and the epic five part “The Phoenix Saga.”  You can’t miss out on classic mutant glory like this!

As far as special features go, this two disc set contains Dolby Digital Surround Sound, French and Spanish language tracks, French and Spanish subtitles and full screen resolution.

Throughout my childhood, most of the exposure I got to real comic books came through television.  It was there I met Batman and Spiderman and the X-Men.  I never did care for Superman.  Out of all of them, although I like the Batman movies, it was this television show that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  The complex mythology of so many different characters, the sheer multitude of issues that each show could delve into because of the wealth of villains and heroes, the issues of responsibility, teamwork and isolation that were heavily prevalent in each episode.  I loved all of these things and I loved this show.  Even now, I am able to find an episode on television and I will watch it.  It’s the fact that the Phoenix Saga, that epic five part series, is in this second volume that make it a necessity to buy.  Jean Grey always was a little too winy and weak, but Phoenix quickly showed us this was not the case.  It’s a great second volume and well worth buying.

X marks the spot – you need this collection.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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