I never read a lot of comic books when I was a kid.  I read great illustrated classics and Tom Clancy novels.  So, in recent days, when comic books have become the rage among normal people and my nerd credentials have felt threatened, I have had to play catch-up.  And fast.  Frank Miller and all of the big name artists, Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novels, influential series – I now know most of them deeply.  Now one of the television shows that made the comic as popular as ever is ready for you on DVD.

Starting this September 15th, now available on DVD from Marvel Entertainment and Buena Vista Home Entertainment comes the third volume of original episodes starring the best coalition of mutants of all time.  X-Men – Volume Three is ready to smash right through your television screen and fill your living room with tales of dark evil and the hopeful potential for good.  Bring it home today and embrace the classic nerd you know you keep bottled up deep down inside.

This third volume of X-Men episodes is found on two DVDs because there are fifteen whole original episodes that we all grew up watching.  There are some great story arcs in this collection.  The Savage Land, Strange Heart arc is a pretty good one, but the Dark Phoenix story arc is probably one of the best that was ever written for this show.  Plus, in these different episodes, we get to really focus on the character of Nightcrawler and we see the return of none other than the Juggernaut, my favorite X-Man character of all time.

The special features included in this DVD are Dolby Stereo Sound, French and Spanish language tracks, French and Spanish subtitles and a full screen format.

I was so glad when I saw that the Dark Phoenix story arc was finally coming out on DVD.  I watched this show obsessively when I was a kid and then went on to read the comic books once I was much older.  This is my personal favorite story that takes place inside of the X-Men universe.  Also, the Juggernaut finally comes back.  He is the coolest mutant of all time, although I still don’t understand exactly how in the world anyone could possibly ever defeat him.  Once he gets moving, he has unlimited momentum and nothing is able to stop that momentum.  What mutant power could possibly be cooler than that?  Nothing.  So bring it home and DVD today and recognize that this is a fact.

These X-Men rule even more than you remembered!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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