I love comic books.  They are a very important means of telling a story, one that values the art just as much as the story that is being told.  They are full of such great mythology and characters and some of the craziest things ever to happen with the written word have taken place in comic books.  The Giant Squid?  That was comic books.  Neil Gaiman burying Batman?  That just happened in comic books.  Now you can see a great comic book series come to life just like you used to.

Starting this September 15th, now available on DVD from Marvel Entertainment and Buena Vista Home Entertainment comes the fourth volume of original episodes starring the best coalition of mutants of all time.  X-Men – Volume Four is ready to smash right through your television screen and fill your living room with tales of dark evil and the hopeful potential for good.  Bring it home today and embrace the classic nerd you know you keep bottled up deep down inside.

Volume Four is yet another collection of classic television episodes and it seems like everything comes to a head within these fourteen episodes.  Some of the story arcs in this collection are among the best ever written, especially the one when Apocalypse goes mad.  There are the Proteus stories, the Sanctuary stories and the fantastic four part Beyond Good And Evil series.  Bring it home today and you will love it just like you did the first time you ever saw it.

The special features included in this DVD are Dolby Stereo Sound, French and Spanish language tracks, French and Spanish subtitles and a full screen format.

You need to bring this home, even if only for the reason that it will them complete the collection you have already been amassing of these television episodes on DVD.  Aside from the story arcs about Phoenix, one of my favorites is Beyond Good And Evil because it has to do with Apocalypse.  I never particularly liked him, but I think that that particular story arc is one of the best to explore the meta issues that made the comic book series so very good.  He goes mad from his powers and then it’s up to the X-Men to stop him.  The television series was never as good as dealing with these big issues of otherness and social estrangement that the comic books were amazing at.  Still, bring it home today and you’ll love it.  Guaranteed.

These X-Men rule even more than you remembered!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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