I used to believe that I was a fan of cheap entertainment.  After all, I love zombie movies and will watch just about anything, including most of the free movies you get on demand through Comcast.  But then I got this movie in the mail.  Now, I am forced to admit that I have class and that I can only sink so far when it comes to my taste in entertainment.  I have hit rock bottom.  This collection of episodes is my moment of clarity.

Starting this August 25th, now available on DVD from Infinity Home Entertainment comes three episodes of ugly women beating up ugly women.  Women’s Extreme Wrestling is ready to ooze right out of your television screen and fill your living room with the sound of you throwing up from looking at such nasty hos.  Bring home this vomit inducer today!

So, unless this is simply a huge hoax in terribly bad taste, there is this thing called Women’s Extreme Wrestling.  Three episodes of their show are included in this DVD.  In “Nude Booty Kick,” no one actually gets nude, a fact you will be forever grateful for.  In “Nude Ring Heat,” you don’t have to gouge out your eyes because no one is naked, they crown a Miss WEW and there is an aptly named Heavy Weight Championship.  In “Bad Girl Ring Lust”, there are more ugly sluts, more terrible acting and more athletic disgraces disguised as wrestling.  Want more?  Here is a random sampling of some of the whorish giants appearing on this DVD – Simply Luscious, Pryme Tyme Amy Lee, April Hunter, Amber O’Neal, Annie Social, Bunni Luv, Booty Bangin’ Nurse T – and they are all ugly, nasty, old failed strippers.  Or drag queens.  Bad, scary ones.

This has no special features, other than that it’s only three hours long and then you don’t have to suffer through it any longer.  Come to think of it, that’s actually incredibly special after you’ve sat through this gag festival.

The first clue that this isn’t worth watching is the guy who owns and runs WEW and appears in each episode.  He looks like an upper Midwesterner meth-head with the stringy hair and missing teeth and attraction to ugly women.  I wouldn’t take suggestions on what shoes to buy from this guy, let alone watch what he thinks is entertaining.  More importantly, for a mode of entertainment where women flaunt their bodies and are supposed to be attractive, not a single woman in this is attractive.  Not one.  Women that look like this are the reason that more men don’t go to strip clubs, because we’re all afraid that we’ll see someone that ugly there and be scared of naked women forever after that.  The story lines don’t make a lick of sense and the only fight worth paying attention to is the one where your friends have to hold you back from jumping off of your balcony after filling your mind with three hours of this garbage.

Calling them Women is a linguistic stretch for sure.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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