Wizard School

I wish I had magical powers.  I could make the water boil right away when I make Raman noodles, I’d make my paychecks a little bigger, I could even make biking up long slow hills a little easier.  Magic is sweet, albeit fake.  So I understand the attraction it has with kids.  Look at Harry Potter.  There’s just one more example of how much kids and lonely adults like the idea of magic.  Disclaimer – I loved the Harry Potter series.  Now, straight off the coattails of this prepubescent magic binge comes a Disney television series custom built to fit that niche.

Starting this July 29th, now available on DVD from The Disney Channel and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes a light hearted look at young witches and magic on DVD for the first time ever.  Wizards Of Waverly Place – Wizard School is ready to cast you under its spell.  Bring home this inventive and thoroughly entertaining film for your children today!

Magic is real in New York City, or so goes the premise of this show.  Alex and her brothers Justin and Max are the newest wizards in training and they are learning to use their magical powers.  As can be expected, they use a lot of shortcuts in life, but they still have quite a ways to go to have full control over their powers.  In this selection of episodes from the original television show, the wizard siblings adopt a pet dragon, get used to their school and try to influence their parents with magic.  Hilarity and hijinks ensue.

The special features included in this DVD presentation consist solely of a backstage look at life behind the scenes of the show.  This would be interesting if your kids are serious fanboys of the show to begin with, but other than that, it is useless and boring pedantics.

Were I still a kid, I would probably like the show. It would pass the time and I’m pretty sure young me would have a crush on the female lead played by Selena Gomez and completely forget about it until I saw her in a Lifetime Channel movie years later.  This show is certainly entertaining and will most likely make you laugh, but it falls into that same trap so many other Disney shows do as well – it is entertainment and nothing more.  There are no life lessons being learned, no social changes being promoted, no information being taught.  This show is entertainment simply for entertainment’s sake.  There’s nothing wrong with that on the face of things; empty fun is a great way to relax.  But what does a kid have to relax from, a rough day of swim lessons and eating Lunchables?  Kids should be learning and for that reason I am going to lump this Disney show in with others I have labeled as tweensploitation. 

My enthusiam Wavers.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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