The Wizards of Waverly, Vol. 2: Supernaturally Stylin'

Magic is hip.  A lonely English boy wizard changed the way that children’s literature will forever be viewed.  There was a teenage witch a while back and every male in this country must have eagerly studied the Power of Three.  Now even the Disney Channel is getting in on the act and it’s available on DVD for the first time ever.

Starting this February 10th, now available on DVD from Disney Channel and Walt Disney Studios comes the second volume of stories from everyone’s new favorite wacky wizards.  Wizards Of Waverly Place – Supernaturally Stylin’ is ready to zoom out of your television screen and bring you along for some hilarious and magical adventures.  Bring home this charm-filled and charming DVD today!

Alex Russo and her brothers Max and Justin are wizards still in training and they love their magical powers.  Only problem is, they still have a long way to go to be proficient.  In this collection of episodes, Alex gets to try her hand at fashion, but it takes some strange doing to get her there.  The siblings learn about Wizard Wear, puppy love takes a terrifying turn and they still have to live their every day lives as well.  Tag along as stuff gets downright crazy!

The only special feature included in this DVD is a backstage look at some of this show’s great actors and their fabulous wardrobes.  It’s interesting, but considering that Disney usually hyper-saturates their DVDs with special features, it’s a little disappointing that this is the only thing offered.

Even for me, a single male in his twenties, this show isn’t a terrible way to waste my time.  For kids, I assume this stuff has got to be like crack.  There are interesting characters, bright colors, funny jokes and attractive people.  This actually is one of the funniest shows Disney is currently making and Selena Gomez is the perfect antidote if your kids want to be like Hannah Montana but you don’t want to them to become whorish airheads with a smoker’s voice.  Gomez has much more of a carefree DIY style, as opposed to the flaunting and high managed look Miley Cyrus feeds off of.  She’s a much more realistic role model and her show is a great one.  Introduce your kids to a better Disney show than they might be watching now.

With this DVD as your pivotal fashion item, you’ll be Stylin’ like mad.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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