This DVD is the kind of stuff I grew up on.  I have a younger sister, so we were never able to watch overly violent or even interesting television shows.  Due to that fact, things like Winnie the Pooh were commonplace to us.  I don’t think I ever watched this particular movie prior to getting on DVD just now, because it did come out once we were all safely out of our childhoods.  But now you can bring it home and pick up what I missed on DVD today!

Starting this September 29th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the tenth anniversary edition of the movie we all love about that bear that just can’t get enough honey.  Winnie The Pooh – Seasons Of Giving – 10th Anniversary Edition is ready to come loping out of your television screen and fill your living room with this joyous and delightful holiday story.  Bring home this wonderful classic today!

It is winter again in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Yet Tigger, Pooh, Pigglet and Rabbit all feel that they have been missing what this season is all about.  Along the way to that discover of this season of giving, they sing five great songs about what they have learned so far.  Join those four friends as they search throughout the woods to find the perfect ingredients for a magnificent Thanksgiving feast and watch as a special friend drops by and helps to make it the best Christmas any of them have ever had.  It’s a great tale of friendship and helpfulness and it’s ready for you right now!

The special features included in this DVD are two brand new adventures of Pooh, a coloring fun game, a tree decorating game and a great collectible Christmas stocking decorated with characters from this movie.

This DVD is about so much more than Christmas, just in case that’s something some of you out there are worried about.  It’s about all of winter and how that is a season where we should be focused on helping others and being giving people.  It is a great story and something that is totally worth putting out an anniversary edition for.  The lessons this movie teaches are fantastic and highly valuable ones.  Friendship, caring, generosity, family and the meanings behind our materialistic rituals are things that our children need to learn now more than any other time.  The two new to DVD adventures are a great delight and really put this movie over the top.  Bring it home today and that’s one decision you will not regret.

Giving this DVD would be a great holiday decision.

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