I don’t speak a lick of Spanish.  I can ask where the bathroom is but not understand the response and be able to order at a Mexican restaurant without greatly mispronouncing any of my items.  Now, I would like to learn another foreign language (despite the passable amount of German I know), but it takes a whole lot of work.  But now there is a great way for your children to learn Spanish and it’s ready for you to bring home on DVD today!

Starting this September 1st, now available on DVD from Whistlefritz, LLC. comes an award-winning and highly inventive way to help your children learn Spanish.  Whistlefritz – Spanish For Beginners – Inside And Out is ready to come squeaking out of your television screen and show you a whole new and fun way to learn Spanish.  Bring home this great educational DVD today!

This movie is about naming items inside and outside of the house in Spanish.  There isn’t any English spoken, so don’t expect to understand what’s happening the first time through unless you’re already a fluent speaker.  Tag along with Maria the teacher and Fritzi the mouse as they go from room to room and help us name what we see.  Then we go to the playground and get to name what we see there too.  Come along and learn a foreign language while having loads and loads of fun!

This DVD series has won awards as varied as the iParenting Media Award, the Parents Choice Approved Award, the National Parents Center’s Seal Of Approval, the Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award, a KIDS FIRST! endorsement and the National Parenting Publications Honors Award.

A mother who was distressed by the lack of quality Spanish language immersion products thought up this series, so she went on to develop this idea.  The principle behind language immersion is that the entire film is in nothing but Spanish with no translation at all.  This helps children to learn the underlying linguistic skills needed to master Spanish.  But don’t worry, there is a translation guide for teachers and parents to better understand what’s actually happening in this film.  The animation is lots and lots of fun and this entire DVD is surprisingly very interesting, even for me.  For those within the target age group of two through seven, this would be a fantastic present.  Bring it home today and help give your kids a skill they will put to great use.

It’s not hard to learn Spanish – just Whistlefritz!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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