Wall-E (Three-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy)

I am a member of the League of Conservation Voters.  It was partly because they gave me a free Obama bumper sticker and partly because it sounds like Conservative, which is always good for second takes.  I take the environment seriously and now there’s a new Disney movie out there which takes it even more seriously.

Starting this November 18th, now available as a three disc special edition from Pixar and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the story of the greatest little robot in the whole world.  WALL-E – 3- Disc Special Edition is ready to blast off into your living room and stack it full of joy.  The first disc is the movie and special features, the second disc is more special features and the third disc is a digital copy you can put on your iPod.  Bring home this fantastic adventure today!

The world is covered in junk and completely broken down.  Only one functioning robot remains on the whole globe and he continues to do his lonely job of cleaning the earth surrounded by the ruins of a global corporation that ended up owning everything on the planet.  Through background information and visual cues, we come these same realizations as poor lonely WALL-E.  The EVE appears, looking for plant life.  She finds one and her directive programming takes over.  The probe ship comes back and takes EVE away, but not before WALL-E climbs on for the ride.  He ends up on the Axiom, the lone space cruiser that left Earth with the remaining humans over 700 years ago.  By now, all the humans are obese as can be, still producing waste at unbelievable rates, immersed in their technology and forgoing real human contact and buying everything they can.  EVE’s plant triggers a process that will take the Axiom back home, but the autopilot is determined to stop that from happening.  What happens next is a great adventure involving prison, laser blasts, dancing in space, huge explosions and robots falling in love.  It’s a chilling and fantastic vision of the future.

This three disc boxed set is absolutely packed full of special features, not the least of which is a free digital copy of this movie for your computer or portable media player.  There are several short films about robots in the movie, an optional audio commentary from director Andrew Stanton, some deleted scenes, a real tour through space, more deleted scenes, some hilarious looks into life at BnL and so much more you could never imagine it.

This is Pixar’s best movie, not doubt about it.  In this film, we are presented with one of the most ambitious visions of the future ever attempted in Hollywood.  The world is completely dead because of our environmental irresponsibility, everything is owned by Buy In Large, a hilariously clever take on Wal-Mart and humanity is encapsulated in technology and is overwhelming obese.  That is gloriously dark.  All that remains of what makes humanity important is its belief that it can overcome.  The real humanity is encapsulated in WALL-E and EVE and their search for each other.  Graphically, this film is spectacular, overwhelmingly so.  I didn’t see this on the big screen, but it must have just taken away your breath.  This film presents a heartbreaking view of the future and it is the darkest children’s movie I’ve ever with a very important issue at the heart of it.

WALL-E will scoot his way right into your heart.

This three disc special edition is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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