My mother watches Walker, Texas Ranger.  She likes the Lifetime channel and Hallmark movies.  I’ve never quite taken her as an accurate barometer of what cultural artifacts are worthwhile.  She likes what she does and that’s fine for her.  I don’t begrudge people what they like.  I don’t understand what she sees in Walker, but here is your choice to try and find it.

Starting this February 19th, now available as a special edition seven disc collectors DVD boxed set from CBS DVD and Paramount Television, is the exciting fourth season of Walker, Texas Ranger.  Pick up this iconic law enforcement television show today!

Walker, Texas Ranger is the story of Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger.  Walker is played by the most pop of all culture icons, Chuck Norris.  Walker is supported by his partner, James Trivette, Assistant District Attorney and occasional girlfriend Alex Cahill, and his best friend, the retired Texas Ranger, C.D. Parker.  Come along with Walker and the gang as they use martial arts to solve their problems in a mostly polite and peaceful manner.  Since it is Walker, you can be sure that Alex will get kidnapped at least a couple of times and that Walker will knock out the baddest of the bad guys with a Roundhouse Kick which will then be shown from about three different angles and in slow motion to boot.

As far as special features on this this boxed set go, well, you can read the subtitles for each episode in English or Spanish.  Not only that, but if you have stereo surround sound, you can listen to each episode in English or Spanish as well.  This is perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this mediocre television show.  With all the Chuck Norris mania that’s going around, or the self-bastardization of his legacy by hooking up with the political career of none other than Mike Huckabee, there is a wealth of things which can be said about Walker.  But no.  There’s nothing.

Walker is a picture of what would have happened if the Vietnam War was fought by Evangelicals from Middle America, minus any efficiency or positive results at all.  It’s a violent show for the do-gooder crowd.  It’s cliché, it’s trite, it’s a terribly boring A-Team. 

Walker, Texas Ranger is pop culture candy at it’s best – all air, moralizing situations, and fluff, fluff, fluff. 

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